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At Mornington Meditation Centre we have specialist health practitioners dedicated to the prevention of disease and the promotion of optimal health through Maharishi Ayurveda. Maharishi Ayurveda offers a comprehensive multi-modality approach to health care based on the timeless wisdom of Ayurveda restored in its completeness.

Your body is endowed with the intelligence to repair itself and fine tune itself to perfect health. This intelligence that integrates and co-ordinates the activities of your DNA, cells and organs is beyond the physical structure of the body. It shares the same source as that of your thoughts and feelings – pure consciousness. Disease results when an organ is disconnected from its inner intelligence. When the mind is connected to its silent source and the body is connected with its inner intelligence, the root cause of disease-when the harmful seen as useful and the useful as harmful (Pragyaparadh) is eliminated, the body can more effectively heal itself , perfect health and well-being is the natural outcome. This is the goal of Maharishi Ayurveda.

By working with Nature’s intelligence, balance is restored in a holistic way without harmful side effects. As a result all aspects of life are simultaneously nurtured and enriched – mind, body and spirit.

Our practitioners have undergone intensive training and have worked with highly acclaimed experts (Vaidyas) in this field. We invite you and your family to take advantage of this opportunity to ask questions, gain insight and benefit from this complete science of natural health care and discover how perfect health can be achieved simply and naturally.

Disclaimer: Please note- This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments. Please follow the advise of your primary healthcare provider.

Kapha compatibility, characteristics and personalility.


Dear Kapha’s we love you even when you’re typically stubborn. Your stubbornness isn’t all bad though, in fact it’s not bad at all, considering you are usually the people others rely on to make difficult decisions and stick things through.You live life at a royal ,considered pace.

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Sleep: are you getting enough?

We all want more out of our lives, bigger faster louder, MORE. But we can forget the basis of activity is rest. The basis of more successful and fulfilling activity is quality rest!sleep well

When we are tired the brain switches into Theta mode- inducing dullness, strain, heaviness then life is lived in a fog. Fatigue reduces our alertness, concentration and ability to make decisions. Doesn’t matter if you are a mum caring for young children, engineer planning a project or a shift worker fatigue will sap your brain and reduce your functioning to fight or flight, spontaneous reaction mode until you get the needed Zzz’s.

Ayurveda understands the mind body connection and employs some interesting insights to getting the rest, sleep and revitilisation needed to keep you in the zone.

Quality vs quantity

We are not nocturnal, ask your teenager and you might get a strong case for the reverse but we where designed to rest and sleep at night. Since the electric light was invented we have been staying up later and later at night to the point we are now ignorant of the setting sun and use night time to party!

Those of you who stay up after 10pm will be using the energy and second wind that occurs at this time to study, be creative, inspired and organised- this time of night can be quite addictive and I’ve have had many clients come to me who have completely re arranged their daily routine to accommodate using this night time energy for hobbies and projects. Ayurveda brings us the understanding of the natural rhythms and cycles of day and night and with this some sage advise.

In Ayurveda the three governing principals of vata, pitta and kapha also become more predominant in our environment during certain periods of the day. The natural waxing and waning of the dosha’s over a 24 hour period will influence our minds, bodies and their metabolic processes. Understanding these rhythms and attuning your daily routine to natures rhythms will bring the support of nature to maximise  the effectiveness of all your actions.

Vata is more predominant during 2-6am and 2-6pm

Kapha is more predominant in the environment during 6-10am and 6-10pm

Pitta is more predominant between 10-2am and 10-2pm

During vata ‘times’ vata will increase in the environment and effect our bodies. You might remember from the Dosha Quiz and articles on The Dosha’s  that Vata imbibes the qualities of  irregular, light, changeable, and cold, brittle, and dry. Doing vata increasing activities in Vata predominated times of the day or night will increase the negative impact of these activities. Eg Vata controls all movement in the body, traveling involves a lot of movement and increases vata, traveling at 4pm during the afternoons 2-6pm Vata predominant time slot will increase vata and the dryness, spaciness, draining effect of travel  during this time.When vata increases the movement of the nervous system is stimulated and the number thoughts increase. Hence the effect of traveling is often a poor nights sleep.


-Traveling in the kapha period of 6-10 am will not create as much an effect. Getting out and walking around the vehicle twice each hour will help counteract the effect of travel because it grounds airy vata.

-My best recommendation to improve sleep is to reduce excessive mental activity- Transcendental Meditation is a sure way to reduce your stress load relax mind and body and get a sound nights sleep.

-Drinking vata pacifying herbal tea, or even just sipping ht water will counteract travels influence on our system as the warmth and moisture in the water counteract increases in vata dosha during travel.

-Ear plugs on a plane will have a big impact as the sense of hearing is controlled by vata and the constant drone of the airplane will increase vata disturbance on flights.

Put this knowledge into Action

Like this the practical application of the principles of Ayurveda will make your daily life more balanced and blissful. Small alterations and additions to your day can counteract the imbalancing effects and wear and tear caused by our modern disconnected from Natures rhythms. Knowing when to eat to increase or loss weight, how to alter your meal times to ensure you get a good nights sleep OR when to get sleep and when not to lie down and rest, this is the knowledge that is missing from our modern healthcare, culture and lifestyle.  A personal consultation with Suzanne Edwards in Mornington, Ringwood or Dingley or via Skype for those farther away, will tailor your daily routine and make the most of each day with less fatigue, strain and stress. See http://morningtonmeditation.com.au/ayurveda-health-consultations/

Have trouble sleeping? Leave me a post and I will give you some tips from the timeless wisdom of Maharishi Ayurveda to help you create more balance naturally.


Varicose Veins an Ayurvedic understanding and treatments

Vaidya Manohar, an ayurvedic expert from India, who i trained under in 2011, is our featured health practitioner this month. Here he explains the cause and treatment of varicose veins, which occur in one out of two people over age 50, mostly in women.

Vaidya Manohar: Varicose veins are primarily a Vata disorder, caused by an imbalance in Vyana Vata, which creates increased pressure that affects the valves and elasticity of the veins.

Vata is characteristically dry, moving, and rough, and is the mind-body operator dosha that governs movement in the body, including the movement of the blood through the arteries and veins.

In fact, one of the subdoshas of Vata, called Vyana Vata, is responsible for transporting oxygen-rich blood from the heart to the body’s cells through the arteries. It also governs the flow of oxygen-poor blood from the body’s cells back to the heart through the veins.

To push blood back to the heart, the veins rely mainly on surrounding muscles and a network of one-way valves. As blood flows through a vein, the cuplike valves alternately open to allow blood through, then close to prevent the blood from flowing backwards.

When Vyana Vata is out of balance, excessive dryness results in hardening and loss of elasticity of the valves and the veins. At the same time, an increase in blood pressure dilates the vein and the valves no longer seal properly, making it difficult for the muscles to push the blood back to the heart. Instead of flowing from one valve to the next, blood collects in the superficial veins of the legs, which have less muscular support than the deep veins. The result is varicose veins just beneath the surface of the skin.


The soothing, warmth of Abyunga oil massage will balance vata.

As a secondary factor, once the blood has accumulated in the veins, an imbalance in Ranjaka Pitta can lead to ulcers in the varicose veins. Pitta dosha is hot and sharp by nature and governs metabolic and hormonal functioning. One of the subdoshas of Pitta, called Ranjaka Pitta, maintains the purity of the blood. Ranjaka Pitta resides in the liver and the spleen and is responsible for blood composition and the distribution of nutrients to cells and tissues through the blood. If Ranjaka Pitta is out of balance, the blood can become impure, or to describe it another way, it becomes mixed with digestive toxins, thick and sluggish, thus contributing to ulcers in varicose veins. Please consult your physician if you notice the appearance of ulcers.

So varicose veins are primarily caused by poor circulation (as governed by Vyana Vata) and its secondary complications such as ulcers are caused by impurities in the blood (as governed by Ranjaka Pitta).

In addition, any condition that puts excessive pressure on the legs or abdomen can cause varicose veins, such as standing for long periods of time, hormonal fluctuations during pregnancy and menopause, obesity, sedentary lifestyle, heavy lifting, chronic constipation, tumors, excessive physical activity that puts pressure on the legs, and aging. Dietary deficiencies or loss of skin elasticity can also contribute to the problem.

What causes Vyana Vata and Ranjaka Pitta to go out of balance in the first place?

Vaidya Manohar:This is a very good question. In ayurveda, most disturbances start with faulty digestion. Many factors, such as lifestyle, emotional stress, and eating the wrong foods for your body type or season, can cause the doshas to go out of balance.
eating lunh on the run
Whenever the doshas are out of balance, they soon disturb digestion, with the result that food cannot be properly digested. The undigested food turns into the toxic sticky substance called ama. Ama is the root cause of many diseases.

Are there dietary recommendations from Maharishi Ayurveda for correcting this imbalance?

Vaidya Manohar: In general, it’s best to follow a Vata-Pitta balancing diet. Especially during the Vata season (winter), you should eat foods that balance the dry, fast-moving, irregular Vata dosha.

To help balance Vata, you’ll want to eat foods that are cooked, warm, and unctuous (meaning that they have a small amount of good fats such as ghee and olive oil). Eat foods that are predominantly sweet, such as whole grains, light dairy products and sweet fruits, as this balances both Vata and Pitta dosha. Also favor moderate amounts of bitter and astringent tastes (which include legumes, greens and most vegetables) as these pacify Pitta dosha. While salty foods are soothing to Vata dosha, you’ll want to moderate your salt intake, because high sodium diets are associated with varicose veins. Drink Calming Vata Herbal Tea and flavor your food with Calming Vata Spice Mix.

One of the signs of imbalanced Vata is constipation, and straining while passing the stool can build up pressure and aggravate varicose veins. So as part of your Vata-Pitta Pacifying Diet, make sure you are getting enough fiber, at least 30 grams a day. Avoid refined carbohydrates and red meat, as these are constipating.

Eat whole grains such as millet and buckwheat, legumes, fruits and vegetables are high in fiber and rich in vitamins which can restore health to your veins. Here are some examples:

Blackberries and cherries help heal varicose veins
Vitamin A, which speeds varicose ulcer healing, is found in cantaloupe, carrots, pumpkins, sweet potato, winter squash and leafy greens such as collards
B vitamins, which help maintain strong blood vessels, are found in all seasonal fruits, lassi (yogurt drink), whole grains, lentils, pulses (legumes) and dhals
Vitamin C and bioflavonoids, which aid circulation, promote healing of sores and strengthen vein walls to prevent dilation, are found in melons, grapes, pomegranate, lemon, lime and other citrus fruits
Rutin, one of the bioflavanoids used routinely to treat varicose veins, is present in citrus fruits (especially if you nibble on the white area inside the rind), apricots, blueberries, blackberries, cherries, rose hips and buckwheat
Vitamin E, which helps to improve circulation, reduce susceptibility to varicose veins and relieve pain, is found in almonds and almond oil
Lecithin, which helps to emulsify fats and improve circulation, is found in tofu and garlic
Zinc, which assists with healing and collagen formation, is found in pumpkin seeds and sweet, fresh fruits

And what about lifestyle changes?

Vaidya Manohar: The irregular Vata dosha is brought into balance by keeping a regular schedule. Plan your meals at the same time every day, as then your digestive system will be more efficient and stronger. To improve circulation in all seasons, do a daily Ayurvedic Oil Massage using Rejuvenatation Massage Oil, which comes in different formulas for men and for women. These blends of jojoba and sesame oil with 15 powerful herbs helps the skin, muscles and veins to regain their elasticity. A daily oil massage is an important way to balance Vyana Vata, purify toxins, and improve digestion.

Daily exercise is a must for improving circulation and reducing varicose veins. Inverted yoga poses can be especially helpful in restoring the normal flow of blood from the legs to the heart. Elevate your legs when sitting for long periods, and take frequent breaks to restore circulation. Do not stand or sit for long periods of time. If you must stand for a long time, shift your weight from one leg to the other every few minutes. If you must sit for long periods of time, stand up and move around or take a short walk every 30 minutes. Do not cross your legs when sitting to prevent blood from pooling. Avoid tight clothing that constricts your waist, groin, or legs.

Are there any herbal supplements to help with varicose veins?

Vaidya Manohar: Rejuvenation for Ladies and Rejuvenation for Men are herbal food supplements that help improve circulation and help avoid the build-up of impurities in the veins. These formulas help revitalize the organs and tissues, the deterioration of which causes premature aging, and can be a factor in varicose veins.

In addition, Flexcel is an herbal food supplement combining 27 ayurvedic herbs that helps with inflammation and ulcers.

Please note: This ayurvedic information is education. It does not replace medical advice or treatments.

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Get really healthy, No Self Discipline required!

Don’t change your lifestyle, just change your mind!  Let me explain, if not then at least let me entertain you.
-Some people come to natural therapies because they like the rules, these rules tell less creative types, people who aren’t in the flow of life and wired for intuition how to cope with life. Problem is these imposed rules then quickly become a strain because you are fighting against your nervous system. Unfortunately strain always results when the mind and body are out of sink. No matter how much you care for someone else it is never going to be healthy to have another’s rules imposed on you. So love your significant others but don’t nag them to eat well, exercise or be positive, in reality ‘A happy man can eat a rock and turn it into bliss’.


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Will Power

Anyone desiring or needing to improve their health will have to overcome one big problem, will power!

There is a law of nature that you can turn to your advantage and Maharishi Ayurveda has the knowledge and modalities to maximise it for you. Continue reading

Antioxidants & Ayurvedic Herbal Food Supplements for Radiant Skin

The Secrets to Great Skin series Tip 2

  • Antioxidants and unique herbal food supplements.

-Youthful skin
You can achieve it and they are the aptly named Mspa Youthful Skin products, i haven’t used anything else for 15 years and hoard a supply to ensure i don’t run out. Previously i had used ‘natural organic’ local Brands thinking i was doing as well as i could, once i used real natural products made from the base up with potent Ayurvedic herbals, well the contrast was huge, hence by stash of products. Continue reading

Balancing Kapha Dosha

Balancing Kapha dosha

Kapha dosha is predominated by the elements of water and earth.

Kapha governs strength, endurance and stamina. Kapha is responsible for structure, forming fat, muscle, bone and sinew, and fluid balance throughout the body. When excess Kapha – more than your unique natural balance- accumulates in your body you may experience excess fluid,mucous, edema, fluid retention etc. And excess structure in the form of weight gain. Continue reading

Balancing Vata Dosha

You have done the quiz and the verdict is in, you will benefit from balancing vata dosha. Here are some essential tips and health recommendations to balance vata. Don’t worry, I know worry has become part of your vata overloaded nature- but you are not alone! Vata is the ‘King’ of the dosha’s- it leads Pitta and Kapha astray, vata is the first and easiest dosha to become imbalanced. So dear vata, let’s understand how vata operates in your body when it is out of balance and ways to regain balance, energy and clarity.

Abyunga oil massage

The soothing, warmth of Abyunga oil massage will balance vata.

My Ayurvedic skin secrets

Throughout my teenage years my skin was a huge challenge. In fact the challenge lasted into my mid 20’s when I found and employed Maharishi Ayurveda. Blemishes and acne where a constant worry for me, and impacted on my sense of Self. Now that I’m in my late 40’s I am more worried about wrinkles and sun spots than acne. Yet I feel rather liberated because I have some special secrets that I employ daily to maintain my skin and give it a radiant glow. Continue reading